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Bomb blast mitigation

Bomb Blast Mitigation is vital to protecting people in the event of a blast.

The glazing of a building is hugely vulnerable, even high specification glass, and flying shards of glass cause 90%* of injuries in an explosion in a built-up area.

"Using the right safety film and attachment system for blast mitigation saves lives."

Bomb blast mitigation

Modern terrorist activity has shown the material risk to buildings and areas previously considered safe. Bomb Blast Mitigation is now part and parcel of prudent building management and security measures. It is very cost effective compared to alternatives and is recognised by the Home Office as one of those most effective mitigations to reduce injuries and limit them to a very localised area.

Tough, transparent security window films consist of multiple layers that work to hold shattered glass together, so there is less chance of fragments and flying debris causing harm. Working nationally and across Europe we install some of the best bomb protection on the market including 3M Scotchshield and Ultra.

Our bomb blast window film installations offer a range of features and benefits;

Our bomb blast window film installations offer a range of features and benefits;

  • Protect people from flying glass
  • Improve general health and safety
  • Improve glass strength under pressure
  • Ease clean up after a breakage
  • Available clear or tinted for solar protection
  • International fittings and installations
  • Complete consultations and advice
  • Fast turnarounds, highest quality

Whether you have old safety film installations, or unprotected glass, we can offer bomb blast mitigation surveys to recommend the best film and attachment system to protect people.

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