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Pabro Film
Enhancing iconic buildings around the world for over 25 years
25 years
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Pabro window film
Create a Better Workplace

Enhancing light quality and aesthetics

Retrofit Window Film Transforms Workspaces

Primarily we utilise window film to manage solar heat gain and solar glare, but using film we can help you create a better workplace environment.

Below are just a few of the areas we can assist to improve workspaces for companies and their employees:

Frosted Glass

Improve Light Quality -

Not all light is created equal! It is the  infrared light part of the spectrum that causes unpleasant and harsh light, but we can use solar control film to practically eliminate that part of the light spectrum. Making workplaces more pleasant for employees, reducing fatigue and improving productivity.

Privacy Matters –

On can provide opaque films to give rooms privacy, or if you want something more impressive we can provide Switchable Film, which is completely clear until you flip a light switch and it turns opaque to offer complete privacy. If protecting content on screens is needed we can use a film that while clear will mask whatever is on your screen from prying eyes.

Manipulate Natural Light –

Using 3M’s impressive Daylight Redirection Film we can bringing natural from windows deeper into the building to provide more occupants with natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting which can save energy.

Graphics & Colour –

We can produce any graphics of your design or use coloured films to bring the office aesthetic inline with your branding or colour scheme.


You can find more details below or in our product range, but if you are looking to improve your workplace, are renovating offices, or are looking at light design, please speak to one of our Consultants.



3M Daylight Redirecting Film Brochure

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