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Pabro Film
Enhancing iconic buildings around the world for over 25 years
25 years
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Pabro window film
Complementary Solutions

Glazing replacement and blinds

Complementary Solutions

Working with our long-standing commercial partners we can offer additional or alternative solutions to work alongside or in place of window film.

Glazing Replacement

Glazing Replacement

Window film can enhance any glazing, but with the long-lasting warranty and useful life of modern films, the glazing needs to be worthy of retrofit expenditure.

It might be that some or all glazing needs replacement. If a project calls for this, we are able to provide a quality and competitive quote for replacement glazing that will also consider compatibility for the best film that can provide enhanced solar control, safety, or both.

By using Pabro to survey your glazing you get an honest and unbiased survey on the option of replacement versus retrofit upgrade, or if appropriate a combination of both.

While we can achieve incredible results from enhancing glazing with window films, we think all option should be explored, and our glazing replacement service means we have no vested interest in anything other than the best solution for the client.


We nearly always recommend window films as the most effective way to control light or heat from your windows, but sometimes there is a need for blinds to provide a temporary additional barrier, whether for total privacy or working in combination with film to manage solar glare.

Our priority is about maximising performance and delivering the best possible solution so we have a range of selected blinds that work in combination with different solar control films – whether to reduce excessive glare (primary need), create privacy, or mange heat and UV.

While the solution we offer will be driven by ergonomics we have a range of styles, colours, materials and finishes to match with almost any interior décor or design tastes, we can quickly install and test a set into selected windows at the same time as we install solar control window film.

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