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Pabro Film
Enhancing iconic buildings around the world for over 25 years
25 years
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Pabro window film
Keep People Safe

Upgrade the safety/security of your glazing

Safety Film Projects

We mitigate the huge risk created by the vast amount of glass in buildings.

Glazing represents the vulnerable part of any building, from accidental or deliberate damage, and we can upgrade it using a wide range of safety films and retention systems to deliver increased levels of protection:

safety film

Safety in event of impact for Regulation compliance on low specification glass

security window film

Security against forced entry

nickel sulphide inclusion

Glass retention for Nickel Sulphide Inclusion issues

bomb blast mitigation

Bomb blast mitigation

So, whether you need to address health and safety of properties or mitigate the risk of glass shards in the event of a bomb blast – safety film is a cost-effective solution that keeps people safe and can save lives.

3M safety film

Types of security and safety window film

Safety films vary in thickness from 100 - 350 micron, and we work with all the world leading manufactures to provide the best possible film for the project.

A generally rule of thumb is the thicker the higher the safety rating achieved, but then you have to consider; multi-layered films, tensile strength, tear resistance etc. Working with our expert consultants we will review your project and specify the best solution.

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