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Pabro Film
Enhancing iconic buildings around the world for over 25 years
25 years
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Pabro window film
Save Energy

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money

Window Film Reduces Energy Usage and Saves Money

Pabro use the world leading solar control films we create more efficient building envelopes; this is an essential step in optimising your building for energy efficiency and helping you save money.

Films can reduce high energy costs, while both improving interior comfort and maintaining/improving your building’s aesthetics.

Energy Efficiency Upgrade Cycle

The Energy Efficiency Upgrade Cycle Optimise Your Building

There are many energy conservation technologies available to help you save money. It is essential not only to choose the right products, but also to complete your upgrades in a sequential order such that you can maximise your profits. Often envelope upgrades (such as window film) are overlooked and owners jump right to optimising their HVAC system.

If you create a more efficient building envelope before HVAC improvements, you can downsize your HVAC equipment in the future, enabling you to reach the maximum possible performance for your profits.

Comfortably Cool

3M™ Sun Control Window Film can reduce the temperature in direct sunlight by as muchas nine degrees, making your space much more usable and comfortable.

The graph shows a four day temperature logging experiment conducted on an office building.

4 Day Temperatures in Office Building
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