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Conservatory Window Film

Conservatories are all about enjoying the garden and the outside from the comfort of your home, so why clutter the view with curtains and blinds that shut it out?

Of course we all know that conservatories make incredible heat traps and through the middle of the day the temperature and solar glare can just ruin your enjoyment. Unfortunately, dusty curtains and blinds attached to every part of the framework are little better. Our specialist window film installations offer a simple solution, keeping your conservatory open and clean lined to the outside world whilst controlling heat, glare and UV.

Just a few features of our solar control window film ideal for conservatories throughout Kent, London and the South East include;

UV filtering window film

UV Film

The UV rays of sunlight are the main problem that causes fading of furniture, carpets and other soft furnishings. Installation of a UV filtering window film, most often used in retail stores and museums, is the ideal way to keep the colours in your conservatory fresh and vibrant whilst still letting in plenty of light from the sun.

Heat reducing window film

Heat Reduction Film

Windows can be a real problem with temperatures; in winter they let too much heat out and in summer they let too much in! Installation of heat reduction control window film keeps out the worst of summer temperatures whilst also thickening the glass and improving its insulative properties during winter.

Most heat reduction films rely on window tinting or shading, however we can install 3M’s incredible Prestige window film which blocks out the heat whilst leaving the view crystal clear.

Glare reducing window film

Glare Reduction Film

If the direct sunlight in your conservatory is just a little too direct, our glare reduction films can provide soft tints in a range of shades and colours to bring down the glare, just like a pair of lightly shaded sunglasses.

We can focus on a single problem or install a film that neatly deal with all three; our range works with glass and polycarbonate glazing and is ideal for any domestic conservatory or orangery.

Contact us today for all your conservatory window film needs

Based in Dover, we work across Kent, London, Essex and Surrey with recent installations in Guildford, Bromley, Dover, Maidstone, Ashford, Southend, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Swanley, Rochester and Canterbury.

Whatever the solar control requirements in your conservatory speak to the experts at Pabro Performance Window Films for a comprehensive solution; contact us today to arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly conservatory window film installations team.

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