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Specialist Solar Control Film in London

We specialise in supplying and fitting 3M Prestige solar control film at premises across London, the South East and the rest of the UK.

The 3M Prestige heat reduction window film is an incredible innovation that offers heat reduction and UV filtration with no shading or metallic content at all for crystal clear views of the outside.

The majority of solar control films utilise metallic content to reflect sunlight away; it is a highly effective system but means that all solar control films are shaded. Metal can also interfere with mobile phone signals or corrode which can be a big problem in many commercial offices across London and the South East.

Prestige from 3M has been developed to offer solar control without metals, and performs better than almost any other solar control window film on the market.

3M window film

A few features of the professional window film installation service, provided by Pabro Window Film throughout London and the UK;

  • Lower reflectivity than glass
  • Rejects 97% of heating infra red light
  • Rejects 99.9% of fading UV rays
  • Crystal clear windows with no tints
  • Full consultations and advice
  • 3M approved installations
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In a series of tests comparing the Prestige window films against other leading producers, Prestige outperformed all of them at solar energy rejection from a wide variety of angles. In addition, it performed best at the hottest angle of the midday sun, meaning it's an ideal choice for commercial office installations across London and the South East.

3M have selected a small number of approved installers to act as Prestige dealers so that they can be sure this superior film is installed to the most exceptional standard under an extended warranty.



3M Prestige Brochure

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