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3M Scotchtint Products

Pabro Performance Window Films are approved installers for the 3M range and their Scotchtint solar control products have been the market leaders for years.

Made to the highest quality with extensive research going into each film for the best possible results, Scotchtint offer a choice of tones and hues to get the exact level of solar control your office interior requires, and we install nationwide including London, Birmingham, Wakefield, Leeds and Brighton.

3M Scotchtint Sun Control Window Film

Removes 99% of UV rays that fade carpets and soft furnishings and reflects away up to 78% of solar heat helping reduce energy costs on air conditioning. Choose the level of glare reduction you require with advice and consultation from our experienced window film installers, and we can carry out a complete installation with a minimum of disruption to your staff and business.

3M Scotchtint Low E Amber All Season Solar Control

Low Amber solar control films create an insulated layer against your windows, preventing heat moving in either direction so office interiors stay cool in summer and warm in winter reducing up to 30% of heat loss. A specially designed dual metallic coating lets in plenty of light with just a little glare reduction making the film ideal in rooms where you want sunlight without the heat.

3M Scotchtint Night Vision Solar Control Window Film

Packaging all the Scotchtint features including UV filtration, heat reduction and solar glare reduction whilst bringing warm and natural light into the room in a range of shades and tones. One of the best all round window films available the Night Vision range is a best seller in commercial and corporate offices with a great finish look and very low interior reflectivity for a clear outside view.

Based in Dover we work across the UK installing a wide range of films to commercial, industrial and governmental properties.

Our high standards of quality and service have seen us travel regularly internationally to carry out commercial installations, with some of our most recent work carried out in Brussels, Bombay, Milan, Rome, Dublin, Cardiff, London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Exeter, Dover, Hastings, Folkestone and New Romney.

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Whatever your solar control requirements 3M’s Scotchtint range of window films provides elegant and effective solutions; contact us today and we can arrange a survey and quotation with one of our team.

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