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Solar Control Film

Reduce solar heat, glare and UV fading throughout offices and other commercial buildings with our range of highest quality solar control films.

Direct sun brings plenty of light into an office space and often has an uplifting effect on morale, but it can also make temperatures uncomfortably high affecting your air conditioning usage, and cause numerous health and safety issues with glare and fade soft furnishings and carpets making them look old.

Rather than clutter your windows with blinds which only allow sunlight to be on or off, our solar control window film installations leave beautifully clean lines and can be tailored to affect any sunshine to just the extent you want. We also offer a wide range of solar window film tints from opaque to crystal clear – all affording you with premium solar heat protection.

Solar control films are set to to provide you that extra bit of control on the heat and glare of the sun. We understand that the office environment can get overly too warm which is why our solar window films are perfect when you need it controlled to keep everything at a nice temperature. Call us today on 01304 204950 to arrange your free survey and no obligation quotation from where one of our window film installers will go through everything with you. We will provide the highest quality solar control films quickly and will efficiently install them your commercial property.

Features of our range of solar control glass window films, installed across London and the UK include;

  • Enhanced privacy security screening
  • Creative active graphics options
  • Ideal for retail and display glass windows
  • Integrate with interior office décor
  • Add modesty to walkways and balustrades
  • Subtle exterior and interior branding
  • Comprehensive in-situ solar window film installations

Solar window film creates a noticeably more comfortable environment

One of the most outstanding solar glass window films is the 3M Prestige Window Film range which outperform every other heat reduction film with no shading at all for a crystal clear view. As approved installers for 3M window films you can be certain any fitting we carry out will be of exceptional quality.

Our most popular solar window film installations remain the 3M Scotchtint range which offer a versatile selection of shades and hues, exceptional manufacture quality, enhanced warranty and will affect the full catalogue of solar control issues that your glass windows may face.

Solar control films can reduce solar heating by up to 80%, creating a far more stable office temperature and reducing your energy costs on air conditioning.

With over 25 years of window films installation experience on our team, we guarantee the highest quality solar control film installations in turnaround times that make us a cost effective choice as far away as India!

Recent solar control film installations have been carried out on a number of glass applications in London, Birmingham, Rochester, Folkestone, Hythe, Dover, Coventry, Cardiff, Belfast, Brussels, Glasgow, Berlin, Nice, Brighton, Bristol, Dublin and Portsmouth. We generate a considerable amount of repeat business in these areas, from commercial companies who realise the benefits that solar control film for windows has to offer.

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