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Bomb Blast Film

Our bomb blast security and safety window films are some of the toughest around, designed to provide reliable anti-shatter service under the toughest circumstances.

Modern terrorist activity has shown that in the event of a bomb blast, a huge amount of injuries are cause by flying glass rather than the actual explosion; if flying glass is taken out of the equation, injuries would be limited to a very localised area. Of course the clean up cost of all that broken glass is a big problem too, especially for companies in glassy office blocks who find that even tidying up becomes highly hazardous.

Our bomb blast film is the simple installation that can make a huge difference, for businesses across London and the UK.

Tough, transparent security window films consist of multiple layers that work to hold shattered glass together, so there is less chance of fragments and flying debris causing harm. Working nationwide we install some of the best bomb protection window films on the market including 3M’s Scotchshield range.

Our bomb blast window film installations offer a range of features and benefits;

  • Protect people from flying glass
  • Improve general health and safety
  • Improve glass strength under pressure
  • Ease clean up after a breakage
  • Available clear or tinted for solar protection
  • International fittings and installations
  • Complete consultations and advice
  • Fast turnarounds, highest quality

In addition to new installation of bomb blast window films, we also replace old ones installed in the 80s and 90s rapidly losing their “use by” date and becoming brittle with limited protection.

Modern films are clearer, tougher and far more reliable thanks to decades of product development and research. Glass is extremely brittle and in most cases will still shatter, however protection film can make the difference at the edges of a shockwave and, most importantly, eliminates flying glass injuries and damage whilst also making the clean up much faster and safer.

Commercial bomb blast window film installations worldwide

Installing bomb protection window films everywhere from city centre office blocks to retail stores and embassies as far away as India, we offer a high quality and incredibly cost effective installation service of security and safety window films. Recent installations have been carried out in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, Brussels, Folkestone, UK Airports, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Bombay, Berlin and Paris.

Whatever your window film security or safety enhancing requirements, speak to the experts at Pabro Performance Window Films for the complete installation service.

Contact us today and we can arrange a survey and quotation with one of our experienced installations team.

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