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Safety Manifestations

A critical health and safety requirement for any business with glass partitions or doors is to ensure they are clearly labelled with safety film manifestations to prevent accidental collisions.

Clean sheets of glass can look great in an office or shopping centre but raise a big risk of people walking into them by mistake; especially visitors or customers unfamiliar with the layout. Safety film manifestations are often seen as dots and lines made from window films placed at a very visual height, choosing from our full range of commercial window films we can install a variety of manifestation designs guaranteed to meet all health and safety requirements.

Our range of safety manifestation installation services, provided to businesses across London and the UK, includes;

  • Variety of manifestation designs
  • Digi-Glass options
  • Quick and simple fitting of standard manifestations
  • Meeting all health and safety requirements
  • Full consultations and advice
  • Meeting Document M guidelines

Get Creative

A highly creative alternative to manifestations are Digi-Glass films which provide opportunities to incorporate graphics and text to windows turning safety manifestations into branding or advertising.

An important add-on to consider with film manifestations is that Health & Safety law also requires anti-shatter window films to be applied to interior glazing ensuring there is no risk of lacerations or flying glass if someone still collides with the door or partition.

Safety Guaranteed

We install safety film manifestations and anti-shatter window films to all kinds of businesses and public buildings across the south east region and often nationwide throughout the UK, guaranteeing perfectly finished installations that meet your compliance requirements under Document M and other legislation. Recent installations have included London, Birmingham, Coventry, Bristol, Brighton, Maidstone, Ashford, Canterbury, Dartford, Gravesend and Redhill.

Contact us at Pabro Window Films

Whatever your requirements for safety manifestations and meeting health and safety requirements for glass and glazing, speak to the experts at Pabro Performance Window Films; contact us today and we can arrange a survey and quote with one of our experienced safety manifestations team.

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