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Privacy Window Films

Extensively used as part of design schemes in office interiors, privacy window film simply obscures the view through glazing, but in a wide range of attractive and stylish ways.

This form of privacy window film installation is ideal for glass partitions in offices which want a more open and bright space with a balanced amount of privacy for staff who don’t want to feel like they’re in a goldfish bowl using frosted translucent films.

“One way” mirror and translucent privacy window films offer the possibility to shield large areas of glazing against the unwanted intrusion of prying eyes. The increasing use of glass partitioning in the design of offices and work spaces has led to a demand for privacy and personal space. This need can be easily met with our installations of a wide range of privacy, decorative and blackout window films, carried out for businesses and offices throughout the UK such as in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

If it is a privacy window film that you require then call us today on 01304 204950 to arrange your free survey and no obligation quotation. Our 3M installers will be on hand to go through your privacy window film or your other requirements with you and provide everything you need before the installation. Our experts will professionally go through any window film installation so you have the perfect windows you need.

Our range of options for commercial installations of privacy window films includes;

  • Frosted and translucent films
  • Reflective one-way-mirror window film
  • Total blackout or whiteout opaque film
  • Comprehensive window film installation services
  • Full survey and consultation
  • Enhancing safety and security
  • Solar control options

Security Advancement and Privacy in one comprehensive service

As a further advance in meeting the security needs of government and corporate organisations with sensitive data to protect, there are a range of electromagnetic attenuation window films we install which can prevent through-the-window hacking and interference from radio waves, as well as securing against denial of service and other attacks, including those with laser microphones.  

Some frosted films can also be used to give the impression of patterns, shapes or simple business logos etched into the glass simply by cutting the privacy window film to the desired shape, whilst products like Lumisty window film and Digi-Glass take glazed design another step further. These industry renowned window film products are consistently popular with both commercial and domestic clients seeking exceptional privacy window installations that exude quality and professionalism.

Commercial Privacy Window Film Installations across Kent, London and the South East.

Based out of Dover in Kent we work across the South East and regularly travel across the UK, as well as internationally for larger scale commercial privacy window film and blackout window film installations. Some of our most recent frosted and other privacy window film installation work has been completed in London, Birmingham, Coventry, Cardiff, Maidstone, Folkestone, Ashford, Crawley, Brighton, Ipswich, Guildford, The City, Bristol, Cambridge, Portsmouth, Southend, Croydon, Bromley, Brussels and Paris.

A considerable amount of repeat business comes our way from commercial companies across the UK who are looking to enhance the privacy of their premises through our wide range of commercial window film services. With more than 25 years’ experience in the window film industry, you will be assured of the highest quality frosted and privacy window film installations in your commercial or domestic environment.

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