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Reg 7

Regulation 7 calls for employers at indoor workplaces to maintain a moderate temperature for their staff to work in, something that windows can cause problems achieving.

Through summer sunshine windows can cause hot spots and spikes in temperature also raising the ambient heat level in the room, whilst in winter the opposite happens and they let too much heat out. Effectively, windows amplify the temperature outside creating extremes of heat and cold all employers must try to prevent under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

The regulations state that all reasonable steps should be taken to ensure comfortable temperatures are maintained around 19°C- 24°C. Higher or lower temperature can impair staff performance and their awareness raising accident risks.

Over reliance on energy hungry air conditioning and heating is a false economy when professional installation of a solar control window film can be helping you out 24/7.

Heat reduction window films can provide simple shade from the sun or more complex technology that reflects heat whilst still letting in plenty of light.

The same films, by thickening the glass, provide added insulation making air conditioning more effective and keeping heat in through winter.

Understanding all the potential effects of a window film installation is critical to offering our clients the best possible advice; under regulation 7 an installation can help meet your health and safety responsibilities whilst also improving energy efficiency. Solar control films of different kinds can also reduce fading to carpets and furniture by UV rays or reduce the glare from sunlight which can raise other health and safety issues.

Providing installations of solar control window film to commercial offices and public sector buildings throughout the London region and the wider UK some of our most recent installations have been in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Coventry, Maidstone, Leatherhead, Oxford, Ashford, Dover, Medway, Brighton, Canterbury and Bromley.

Whatever your requirements for solar control in your property, speak to the experts at Pabro Performance Window Films for a high quality installation of the ideal product; contact us today to arrange a survey and quotation with one of our team throughout London, Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey.

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