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MI5 Security Advice

Threats from bombs are a legitimate concern for city centre properties or sensitive buildings such as government or military, and MI5 publish several recommendations on improving safety.

As terrorism has continued to affect our streets and especially business properties in built up areas, the British Security Service has provided a range of guidelines and recommendations to property owners. Focused on preventing the terrible injuries that can be caused by flying glass, they call for installations of anti-shatter bomb protective window films which are further supported by the Glass and Glazing Federation advice on blast protection.

The relevant section of the MI5 guidelines focuses on protection against flying glass, these are particularly pertinent in major cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Cardiff, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland, Brighton, Plymouth, Southampton, Westminster, Portsmouth and Salisbury;

With modern buildings making much greater use of glass than older buildings, this means that most bomb casualties nowadays are caused by flying glass.

MI5 publish some simple advice on critical considerations for owners of high risk properties or buildings in high risk or built up areas that highlight the value of bomb blast protection and safety window films, especially now that so many insurers are adding terrorist attack clauses to their policies.

There are three main methods of protection against flying glass:

1. Applying transparent polyester anti-shatter window film (ASF) to the glass and providing bomb blast net curtains. This is a retro-fit upgrade to existing glass in order to reduce fragments and splinters. In timber-framed Georgian-style windows bomb blast net curtains should be used in conjunction with the ASF.

2. Installing blast resistant glass (i.e. laminated glass) in new buildings or refurbished windows.

3. Installing blast resistant secondary glazing inside exterior glazing.

It goes on to make recommendations on suitable standards of anti-shatter window films and their professional installation to ensure a high quality finish that really enables to most protection from bomb blasts and the resultant flying glass.

Pabro Performance Window Films provide a complete professional installation service on safety enhancing products such as anti-shatter window film and bomb blast protection films. We only fit the highest quality products to the most demanding standards ensuring the best protection a window film can provide.

Why Choose Pabro Window Film Systems for Bomb Protection?
  • Professional window film installations by a skilled team
  • The highest quality and service standards
  • Huge choice in types and brands of film such as 3M
  • Expert consultations, advice and recommendations
  • Established health and safety policy
  • Commercial, domestic and public sector clients
  • National and international coverage across the UK and Europe

Whatever your installation requirements for anti-shatter, bomb protection or other safety window films in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex or the wider UK, speak to the experts at Pabro, we've installed bomb protection films for British and foreign embassies around the world; contact us today to arrange a quotation with one of our experienced team.

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